6 functions Of Your Health Insurance

health insurance

Last Updated on March 29, 2021

Health insurance is a crucial necessity in each person’s life. We may not need it to survive as air and water, as its importance is unveiled only in times of crisis, but we do need it to actually “survive.” What is health insurance, to begin with? Basically, a health insurance policy is a contract that you, as a policyholder, sign with an insurance company. This contract is there to keep you on the safe side, financially and physically, in the case of any health incidents. This advantage, from which you benefit, could be provided through a non-profit organization, a government agency, or even a private firm. The next question you may be asking now is, “how am I actually benefiting from my health insurance policy?”We do not have one answer only for your question, but six! Jump in to find out more!

1. You Are Financially Protected

As long as you pay your monthly fees to your insurer and you remain covered with a good policy, you do not have to worry about doctor bills or drug prescription costs, no matter how high they are. Moreover, your health insurance policy also covers you against unexpected expensive health costs, such as an accident or an organ failure.Not to mention the long-term expenses of chronic disabilities or cancer treatment, the health insurance policy coverage can lift a huge burden off your shoulder, which will help you concentrate on getting better rather than on the huge bills and financial survival. Your medical insurance assures financial and emotional relief to you and your family.

2. Your Regular Health Services Are Free Or Cheaper

You do not have to get very ill to benefit from your health insurance. Your policy can serve as a club membership; in other words, as long as you are covered, you should not concern yourself about any health-related matter. Your insurer can guarantee you cost-free or reduced routine doctor visits or well-child visits. You can also use free medication refills if you are treating a chronic issue such as diabetes and subsidize items you are currently using for your health wellbeing. Not to mention the annual check-ups, vaccinations, blood tests, and scan & screening; if you have covere, they’re free.


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