Handling an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

This is the Best Way to Handle an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

Last Updated on December 9, 2020

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Keep calm and follow these simple steps when dealing with an accident with an uninsured driver. So you were driving peacefully, stop at a stop sign but you’re the only one waiting, so you decide to go. The next thing you know is another car smashing into the side of your car.

Your car is awfully damaged and one of your bones is broken. You cannot think how your day can be any worse than this until you learn that the other motorist doesn’t have insurance! Therefore, you simply freak out.

No matter what you do, try not to panic. Here are 5 important steps that will help you handle this situation like a pro.

Call 911

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It’s never a bad idea to call the police in case of a car accident, but picking up your phone immediately and calling 911 even more important when it comes to an accident that involves an uninsured driver.

Having an accident report and a police record can help you immensely. it will get your expenses covered as well as it will help simplify the claims process.

Don’t forget to take clear photos of the damaged area of your car, the location where the accident took place, and any other pieces of evidence.

Exchange information

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As soon as the police arrive, they will ask for the other driver’s information, and you should do the same as well. Actually, this is when you may know that the other motorist doesn’t have insurance.

Make sure to stay calm, speak politely, and get as much information as you can about the other driver as well as their car. It will also be very useful if you could get the contact information of witnesses if there are any.

Call your insurer after an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

Call your insurer

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At this point, your insurance company can do something depending on your policy, the amount of damage your car has suffered, and other factors.

When you report your claim, your insurance will be able to do plenty of things for you in case you already have uninsured motorist protection (both property damage and bodily injury). If you don’t have this type of coverage, you can try to work out the next steps with an agent.

Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

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injuries in an accident come with medical expenses. In most cases, the bodily injury liability coverage of the other motorist would take care of your medical expenses in case of injury.

But, when the other motorist doesn’t have coverage at all, your health insurance might take care of your medical bills. However, you could end up paying your own deductible.

If you have uninsured motorist bodily injury protection, your insurer will help you pay the bills, along with the things which the other motorist’s insurance is supposed to take care of.

Take care of your car

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You should discuss with your insurer the possible options to help you get your car fixed. In case you already have uninsured motorist property damage protection, your insurance will likely take care of your repairs.

But if you don’t, your coverage won’t be enough to pay off the cost of your repairs in full. you may resort to the courts for compensation, and this could get tricky.

Why should you get uninsured motorist protection?

Uninsured motorist protection is so important that more than 20 states require it. If this coverage is optional in your state, you should get it now because it will help you and your car get back to normal after an accident.

On the other hand, uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage will help cover your medical bills and lost wages in case you cannot work after the accident. Plus, the property damage part of that coverage would take your car repairs in charge.


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