The 5 Best Jewelry Insurance Companies of 2021

best jewelry insurance companies

Last Updated on February 17, 2021

If you had a precious jewelry item or antique that you lost years ago, but you still can’t move on, you’re not the only one! We know all know the pain too well. Losing an expensive piece of jewelry, be it your wedding ring, a gold necklace gift, etc., is a lot harder when you can’t even get some of the money back. Yes, you can protect your cherished jewelry pieces through jewelry insurance. A good jewelry insurance plan can offer reimbursement, repair, or replacement of your jewelry. Without further ado, here are the top 5 jewelry insurance companies of 2021 that you should check.


JIBNA Personal Jewelry Insurance has been one of the best jewelry insurance companies since 1975, offering all-risk coverage, including coverage for mysterious disappearance of jewelry. Some of the greatest pros of this insurer include the broad jewelry coverage, the excellent personal support, and the advanced underwriting process that allows it to determine the exact amount of coverage you need for each piece of jewelry you want to insure. This insurance company has an almost unlimited capacity, all starting with a $50 minimum premium.


CHUBB has been in business since 1792, offering flexible, international coverage. Given its longevity, it will provide you with consistent and high-quality individualized coverage. If your jewelry item is completely damaged or stolen, CHUBB’s policy involves giving you 100% of the value you agree on in cash settlement. And if the value of your jewelry piece increases in the market, CHUBB is ready to offer you 150% of your policy amount. You can purchase Jewelry insurance policies from Chubb with no deductible.

3. GemShield

GemShield is exactly as the name indicates; it provides an all-risk coverage (loss, theft, damage) and includes your new jewelry with no deductible and with premiums of 1-2% of jewelry value. What makes this insurance company stand out is that it lets you get worldwide coverage wherever you go and allows you to deal with your own jeweler. SO, if you move around a lot, GemShield is perfect for you!


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