10 Things About Home Insurance You Didn’t Know

Things about home insurance you didn't know

Last Updated on March 24, 2021

It doesn’t really matter if you have a brand new house or inherited one. Having home insurance is something you not only need, it’s something you must have. And as you search for the best home insurance through the best insurance companies some things you are aware that your home insurance will cover. Trees falling over your house, a fire or a flood destroys your house, you’re covered! A burglar stole your precious items? You’re covered! These are the things you know for sure that any insurance will cover, but what if a meteor falls over your house and ruins it? Yes, probably you’re also covered for this! Truth is that most home insurance covers things you don’t even imagine. Things that can save you lots of money and headaches! If you got curious about this subject, keep reading and learn 10 things you didn’t know about home insurance.

1. Pet Bites And Damages

If you have a dog, he may spend some time outside and eventually bite a neighbor or damage other proprietors’ property. And this is covered by your home insurance. It doesn’t matter if your dog bites them in their garden, your insurance will cover any medical bill. This also goes for any damage your pet may do to other’s fences or cars. Nevertheless, you need to check on your insurance policies regarding some specific breeds, as this may have some limitations for some of them.

2. Debris From Space

Like I said previously, if a meteor, an asteroid, or satellite’s parts fall on your house or yard, your home insurance will cover it. In October 2019, a Samsung Satellite crashed into a Michigan couple yard, and surprisingly, their home insurance covered the expenses of removing it. Just like they would do if any damage to the house was made.

3. Spoiled Food

Yeah, believe it or not, your home insurance may cover your spoiled food. Imagine that you spent your Saturday cooking meals for the entire week. You put it in the freezer, a tree falls and takes out power lines, all your food got rotten. You may use your home insurance to file a claim for all the wasted food. But if you run out of electricity because you didn’t pay your bill, then you won’t get a single penny!


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